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Why Telehealth?

Telehealth has emerged as a transformative force in healthcare, offering unparalleled convenience, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging digital technologies, telehealth enables patients to access healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes, breaking down geographical barriers and providing vital medical support to those in remote or underserved areas. This flexibility not only saves time and money but also fosters continuity of care, empowering patients to take a more active role in managing their health. Additionally, telehealth facilitates regular communication between patients and healthcare providers, leading to better health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Moreover, in times of public health crises, such as pandemics, telehealth plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of disease transmission by minimizing in-person contact while ensuring that individuals still receive the care they need.

Why Choose Telehealth for Your Healthcare Needs?

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check Accessibility
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How it works?

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You will receive a registration link from our affiliated Prescribers.

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Speak with a Pharmacist

Expect a call from the pharmacy within 24 hours of your request to process your request. For some reason, if you don't hear from us then call us at 904-696-8882.

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Click on the link that you will receive via text message to get registered on the App and then complete the registration process.

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Speak With a Prescriber

Once your registration is completed, a licensed prescriber will promptly connect with you either via video call or chat.

Prescription Ready

Once your prescription is ready, You will get a text message notification to pick up the medicine. If you would like to get it delivered, call our store and talk to the delivery coordinator.

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Telehealth FAQ’s

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What types of healthcare services can be provided through telehealth?

Get prescriptions, medication refills, lab and x-ray orders, and work notes right from your home. Telehealth services are available for most acute and common conditions such as Allergies, Cough & Cold, Flu, Asthma, Sore Throat, Upper respiratory infections, Earache, Dental Pain, Pink Eye, Stye, Shingles, Head Lice, Vaginal Discharge, STDs, UTI, Eczima, Acne, Cold Sores, Rash, Birth Controls, Erectile Dysfunction, Smoking Cessation, Maintenance medication Refills etc.

Is telehealth secure and private?

Yes, Our Telehealth Service Platform is completely secure and private and it's guarded by HIPAA privacy act-compliant technology.

How do I schedule a telehealth appointment?

Follow the "How it Works" button in the above area of the page and follow the instructions.

What is my Cost? Can telehealth appointments be covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, Our Telehealth Service provider does not accept any Insurance plan. However, there are no subscription fees. One flat fee of $39 to consult with a board-certified medical provider.

Does the prescriber authorize Control Substance Prescriptions?

No, Our Telehealth service providers do not prescribe any type of controlled substance medications. We suggest you consult with your primary care providers or specialty doctors for such needs.

Can I get a refund if the practitioner is unable to treat the condition?

Yes, If our practitioner is unable to help or cannot prescribe the medications for the treatment, you will get a full refund.

Can I request to fill my prescription(s) at the pharmacy of my choice?

Yes, If you would like to get your prescription filled with another pharmacy of your choice, you are welcome to do so.

Do you provide the work or school excuse notes?

Yes, We provide such notes upon request right in your medical records document.