How DUVAL Pharmacy Works

Tell your doctor that Duval Pharmacy is your preferred Pharmacy Or Transfer from your current pharmacy to us. Transferring prescription is easy! All we need is your authorization for transfer and We’ll do the rest.


Call Us or Visit our Pharmacy to discuss more on your prescription savings, Free prescription delivery & Auto-Refills.


Sit back and relax, your job is done! You’ll get a phone call or text alert, Once your medications are ready.


The DUVAL Pharmacy Benefits

Free Home Delivery

We offer free delivery in Duval County. We also offer free Shipment deliveries in remote areas. Call us to understand our delivery process.


Blister Packages

We solved the safe and easy daily management of your medications. Our pill packages separate all the medications for you in either weekly or monthly dose punch cards.  


Financial Support

Our team researches and applies copay discounts, reducing your medication costs as much as possible.


Pharmacy Promotions

$4 Generic Drugs · Free Kid’s Vitamins · Free Real Rewards Program · Best Cash price in town for Nebulizers, Accutane, Phentermines, Sildenafils & many more.


A World-Class Team for World-Class Pharmacy.

Duval Pharmacy Team is made up if exceptional pharmacist, Caring Support team and
a family- oriented culture that always focus on patient care before anything.

Our Patients Us

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear a little from our happy customers and their prescription
experience with Duval Pharmacy.

Still have questions?

DUVAL Pharmacy is a full-service retail pharmacy that uses modern technology to provide effective and affordable services to its patients.

Duval Pharmacy prepares your prescriptions in minutes. You’ll get a text or call alert for a pickup reminder. If you prefer to get a delivery, You can request that by call at (904) 696-8882

Duval Pharmacy do not charge for delivery within the designated area. Certain restrictions apply. call pharmacy for details.

Yes, DUVAL Pharmacy takes all commercial plans along with Medicare and Medicaid applicable programs. Still have more questions? Reach us out at

Yes, all doctors can send your prescriptions to us.

You can give a call to provide basic information for a transfer process or you can submit a prescription transfer request on this website under home page.

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