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Duval Pharmacy has your best interest at heart and we offer our wide array of services in order to be your reliable source of health and wellness.

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Duval Pharmacy is an advocate of affordable yet quality healthcare. Our generic drug plan is to ensure that you get your medication in a less expensive way without compromising the quality of the medications. All of our medications are FDA approved generics and comply with the Florida’s pedigree law. We also match Wal-Mart’s $4 Generic Drug Plan. When you visit our pharmacy, please make sure to ask our staff about our $4 Generic Drug Plan.

In order to serve you better, our pharmacy dispensing system accepts Surescripts E-prescriptions. This is especially helpful for our customers and Physicians. E-Prescribing supports a shift to a paperless and more informed way for prescribers, payers and pharmacists to make better medication management decisions. This more secure electronic workflow leads to improved health outcomes while helping to:


  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
  • Improve Patient Safety
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce wait time at pharmacy


By using a computer or handheld device with e-prescribing software, prescribers can electronically access patient prescription benefit information and patient medication history, and route prescriptions electronically to Duval Pharmacy.


E-Prescription is helpful for our customers, who are always on the go and might not have the time to have their prescriptions filled traditionally.

Duval Pharmacy accepts all major insurance plans such as:


  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • CVS/Caremark
  • Express Scripts
  • Florida Blue
  • Humana
  • Medco
  • Medicare Part B
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medicaid (FL)
  • Optum Rx
  • Prime Therapeutics
  • Sunshine Health
  • United Health


We will also match our local competitors’ prices so you can definitely get the highest value for the least amount of money you are willing to pay!

Other Services

For any questions or inquiries, please give us a call at 904-696-8882. Our staff will be ready to assist you with anything that you need.

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Free hand-delivery to your door.

With DUVAL Pharmacy, you won’t have to fight the lines at the pharmacy. Our couriers hand-deliver your medication to your door, whenever and wherever you need it.

Still have questions?

Ask your doctor to send your prescription directly to DUVAL Pharmacy or ask us to transfer refills from your old pharmacy. We’ll look for any savings, including coupons and assistance programs, and reach out when it’s time to schedule your free delivery.

Yes. As a full-service pharmacy, DUVAL Pharmacy can fill nearly all medications, including specialty, over-the-counter, brand, and generic. DUVAL Pharmacy pharmacists have deep expertise in many clinical areas, including heart and lung health, diabetes, fertility, HIV/PrEP/HRT, and more.

Yes. We accept most major insurance plans, including government-administered plans, and always work to get you the lowest price. Please note that coverage varies by state. For up to date information on coverage in your area call us a 1 (904) 696-8882

Nope! Your copay stays the same and delivery is always free. Our team works tirelessly behind-the-scenes to find you the best price — we’ve saved our patients more than $53 million on their medications.


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